1. Safe Planning through Incremental Decomposition of Signal Temporal Logic
    Kapoor, Parv, Meira-Goes, Romulo, and Kang, Eunsuk
    Nasa Formal Methods 2024


  1. Follow The Rules: Online Signal Temporal Logic Tree Search for Guided Imitation Learning in Stochastic Domains
    Aloor, Jasmine Jerry, Patrikar, Jay,  Kapoor, Parv, Oh, Jean, and Scherer, Sebastian
    In 2023 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2023
  2. FoundLoc: Vision-based Onboard Aerial Localization in the Wild
    He, Yao, Cisneros, Ivan, Keetha, Nikhil, Patrikar, Jay, Ye, Zelin, Higgins, Ian, Hu, Yaoyu,  Kapoor, Parv, and Scherer, Sebastian
  3. Investigating Robustness in Cyber-Physical Systems: Specification-Centric Analysis in the face of System Deviations
    *Changjian, Zhang, *Kapoor, Parv, Meira-Goes, Romulo, Kang, Eunsuk, Garlan, David, Ganlath, Akila, Mishra, Shatadal, and Ammar, Nejib
    Under Submission 2023


  1. Challenges in Close-Proximity Safe and Seamless Operation of Manned and Unmanned Aircraft in Shared Airspace
    Patrikar, Jay, Dantas, Joao, Ghosh, Sourish,  Kapoor, Parv, Higgins, Ian, Aloor, Jasmine J, Navarro, Ingrid, Sun, Jimin, Stoler, Ben, Hamidi, Milad, and others,
    IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2022


  1. Predicting food insecurity
    Feffer, Michael,  Kapoor, Parv, and Dodt, Sebastian


  1. Model-based Reinforcement Learning from Signal Temporal Logic Specifications
    Kapoor, Parv, Balakrishnan, Anand, and Deshmukh, Jyotirmoy V.
    CoRR 2020
  2. Predicting Time to Contact Across the Visual Image
    Marshall, David, Rushton, Simon K, Redfern, Joseph,  Kapoor, Parv, and Moran, Rosalyn J
    In PERCEPTION 2020